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Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minute

The July 2019 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. President Udo - NIØG was not in attendance, and the meeting was conducted by VP Chuck - NIØC, and Secretary Eric - WØTT.


o Secretary’s Report: Eric - WØTT reported that the minutes of the previous meeting are published on-line.
o Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Bill - WAØBSW reported a balance of $2802.97 in the club treasury.
o Vice-President’s Report: Vice-President Chuck (NIØC) announced these presentations at club meetings:

o Tonight: Ken - KK9N, How the sun effects radio communications
o August: Bill - WAØBSW, Single Point Station Grounding
o September : Dr. Bob Heil - K9EID, Understanding Speech Articulation
o October: Bill - NØWGC, Use of SDR radios for waterfall displays on existing radios.

Future presentations that are in-work but not yet scheduled:

o Chuck - NIØC, Ted McElroy and Horace Martin semi-automatic keys (Bugs)
o John - K2VV, QSLing in the 21st century

o Health and Welfare: John - K2VV announced that he has had a second back surgery and is now recovering. Eric - WØTT announced that he heard from Price’s son Dirk (WØRI, ex‑ K9DFS) who is now selling Price’s home in Ballwin.

o Birthday Report: Tom - KØHHB announced the July birthdays. The club wishes a Happy Birthday to all.

o QSL Bureau Report: John - K2VV announced that it was a slow month, with only 1200 cards received, mostly from the Finnish Buro.

The day of the meeting he received a box of 3000 cards from Japan, which have not yet been pre-sorted. They are mostly for FT-8 QSOs, and will be available to the sorters at the next club meeting.

o DXpedition Support: Don - WØVM announced that the club received a request for DXpedition funding from YT1AD and others activation ZK3A, Tokelau Island in October. Don pointed out that they meet all of our funding criteria, including the position on DXCC Want Lists.

The DXpedition planning committee has reviewed this, and they noted that propagation from the US to ZK3 is likely to be poor, and that ZK3 has been activated multiple times in the past few years. So the committee is neutral on this without a positive or negative funding recommendation.

This was discussed by the club, and no motions were made to fund this DXpedition.

o DX Tidbits Presentation: K2VV gave a short presentation of photos taken at Hamvention 2019.

R7KW/UU5WW and K2VV ...................................................... IV3VSC, K2VV and K3IRV

Announcements: Matt - N9ES announced that Gateway Electronics’ last day at the present location will be 31 July. They are still searching for a new location.

Old Business:

Christmas Party: As instructed at the last meeting, Don - WØVM attempted to make arrangements for a December Christmas party at Texas de Brazil. However, he was unable to secure a date, and the restaurant would not agree to allow our attendees to order dinner and drinks off of a menu, and receive separate checks.

Discussion ensued, and Don suggested that C, J, Mugg’s would still be available. Bill - NØWGC announced that his Scuba club conducts similarly sized dinner meetings at C. J. Mugg’s with the following arrangement.

Each member orders dinner and drinks individually off the menu.
Members receive separate checks with 18% gratuity included.
If the 18% gratuities of all members add up to the agreed upon room rate, there is no separate charge for the room.
If they do not add up to that level, the club must pay the difference.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to have the Christmas Dinner at C.J. Mugg’s, and plan for 12 December in place of the regular December meeting. (Note that this reverses the decision made at the previous meeting.)

WØVM will coordinate this for the club.

New Business:

Bill - WAØBSW requested that next month’s meeting be started at 6:45 pm in anticipation of an extended formal presentation.

NEXT MEETING: August 8, 2019 - Rooms 4 & 5

Ken - KK9N gave a presentation on “How the sun effects radio communications”. It was a scholarly discussion of sunspots, magnetic effects and coronal mass ejection. He included a discussion of the DX Heat website ( as a resource for propagation prediction, and a video “A Blackstar During the Solar Minimum Low: Solar Storm Forecast 07‑ 06‑ 2019” ( showing multiple Solar effects predictions.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Zust ‑ WØTT, Club Secretary