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MVDX/CC Meeting Minutes

Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minutes

The January 2019 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order by President, Udo - NIØG at 7:00 pm.

The following guests were recognized: AEØEN, KØXX, KBØDRS, KFØOH, Mary Duerbusch,
Joe Mitchell. The club welcomes you to our meeting. The following members and guests were
WBØSND, Joe Mitchell - Friend of KØBX and Mary Duerbusch - KØBX XYL.


o Treasurer’s Report: Bill - WAØBSW reported a balance of $2,058.37 in the club treasury.
o Secretary’s Report: Eric - WØTT announced that the minutes of the December meeting are
now posted on the club website.
o Vice President’s Report: Chuck - NIØC announced the following schedule for future club
meeting presentations:

Feb 2019: Eric - WØTT, International Amateur Radio Exhibition, Friedrichshafen 2018
Mar 2019: TBD
Apr 2019: George - ABØRX, VHF Contesting
May 2019 - Roger - ADØTR, Antique Radio Restoration.

Chuck announced that he is continuing to seek quality presentations for future club meetings.
He is working with Udo - NIØC for a future presentation on GeoChron and other DX tools.
It was mentioned that club member Ward - NØAX had his photo in QST as a referee at WRTC
2018. Chuck will contact Ward to see if he can give a presentation on the World Radio Team

Championship (WRTC).
o QSL Bureau Report: WØ Bureau manager John - K2VV announced that the Buro received
1600 cards this month. Also the upcoming USPS rate increase effective 27 January will affect the way that Buro
sorters keep status of their subscriber’s supplies. In the future, subscribers will order only envelopes with Forever stamps. And when additional-ounce postage is needed, the sorter can redeem 1 envelope credit for 6 extra-ounce credits as needed.

John has also asked his sorters to status their accounts before the postal rate increase, and to send John a current copy of their QSL card distribution spreadsheets.

o Health and Welfare: Harry - WØHMS announced that club member Tom - KCØSTQ passed away on 9 January. (Obituary:

Mike - WBØSND announced that Tom - KØHHB is recovering from cataract surgery, and
Eric - WØTT announced that Dale - K4EQ is recovering from back surgery.

o Birthday Report: Mike - WBØSND announced the December birthdays: K4EQ - Jan 5,
NOØL - Jan 6, NVØR - Jan 25, KØARY - Jan 28. The club wishes a Happy Birthday to all.

o DXpedition Support: Committee Chair, Don - WØVM reported that he has received no new
requests for DXpedition funding.

The aborted 3CØZ DXpedition to Bouvet has announced its policy for refunding unused
contributions. They will refund 48% of the original contributions by several different options.

A motion was made and seconded that the club request our refund be donated to the Northern
California DX Association. The motion was voted upon and failed.

A second motion was made that the club request our refund be returned to the club. The
motion was seconded, voted upon and carried. Club treasurer Bill - WAØBSW will request
this refund.

Eric - WØTT showed the following results of Club Members in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest.

These results are published for all clubs and participating members at: This web page has a pull-down menu to select the
ARRL contest of interest.

Eric pointed out that any club members working ARRL contests, can list Mississippi Valley
DX/Contest Club as club affiliation in their Cabrillo file, and their scores will automatically be
included in the club totals. As club Secretary, Eric keeps an eligibility list current with the ARRL
with all of our members’ callsigns and six-character grid squares.

Don - WØVM added that both the ARRL and CQ Magazine require an exact-match spelling of the
club name for the participant’s scores to be accumulated in the club score. The exact match
spelling for our club is:

Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club

Chuck - NIØC announced that he submitted his own log for the 2018 DX Marathon, and he was the only club member who had submitted at that time. He encourages other club members to submit their logs in 2019. Information at:

The club was reminded that Winterfest 2019 will be held on January 26, and our club will rent two
tables, and one additional chair for each of the tables.

Vern - AEØTT announced that he has Winterfest Tickets for sale. Information at:

Old Business: none offered
New Business: none offered

NEXT MEETING: February 14, 2019 - Rooms 4 & 5

Larry - NOØL gave a presentation on “KØBX (SK) Station and Tower Disassembly”. Others in
the disassembly team including ABØRX, KBØDRS, NX9L, Joe Mitchell and KØBX XYL Mary
participated in the discussion by providing additional detail.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Eric Zust - WØTT, Club Secretary