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MVDX/CC Meeting Minutes

Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minute

The November 2019 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Udo - NIØG.

No guests were identified. The following members were present: AAØZ, ABØTA, ADØTR, AEØTT, KØARY, KØHHB, KØJPL, K2VV, KCØCC, KEØFIL, K4EG, KK9N, N5TN, N9ES, NIØC, NIØG, NOØL, WØNFS, WØRL, WØTT, WØVM, WAØBSW, WAØBZA, WAØJCO, WBØSND and WRØH.

Secretary’s Report: Secretary Eric - WØTT reported that the minutes of the previous meeting and the third Quarter Club Member DXCC standings are published on-line. Also conference room reservations are in-place for our 2020 club meetings. All reservations are for our preferred dates (second Thursday of the month), and all are in a double conference room with 2 flat panel displays for our presentations.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Bill - WAØBSW reported a balance of $2287.87 in the club treasury.

Vice-President’s Report: Vice-President Chuck - announced this list of future presentations:

o Tonight: Chuck – NIØC speaking on "Evolution of Amateur Radio CW keys (with an emphasis on Bugs)“
o Unscheduled: Bill - NØWGC, Use of SDR radios for waterfall displays on existing radios.
o Unscheduled: John - K2VV, QSL’ing in the 21st century
Chuck announced that he is looking for more programs that he can schedule for 2020.

Health and Welfare: WØTT announced that founding MVDX/CC member KØLG has become a Silent Key and a memorial service will be held for Les in St. Louis on a future date.

Eric also announced that Mary Duerbusch (KØBX, XYL) had a brief stay in the hospital for dehydration.

Paul - KØJPL announced that well-known contester N4PN became a Silent Key after operating CW Sweepstakes.

Birthday Report: Tom - KØHHB announced the November birthdays. The club wishes a Happy Birthday to all.

QSL Bureau Report: John - K2VV the Buro received 5500 cards, including a shipment from OE and from CU (unofficial Buro). Also including 500 cards from the ARRL that distributes for miscellaneous countries.

John brought cards for the letter sorters, and announced that he will not be distributing any more cards in December, so sorters can go ahead with their 4th Quarter distribution at any time. After the 4th Quarter distribution is completed, John will need the normal Quarterly distribution report. And also an Annual report consisting of the total number of Forever stamp, Extra Ounce and Flat Rate credits for all of their clients.

DXpedition Support: Don - WØVM reported the committee has reviewed the request for DXpedition support from a group of International operators that will activate W8S Swains Island in March 2020. ( The committee recommends a contribution of $200. KØARY made a motion to that effect, K2VV seconded and the motion carried.

Other members brought up the issue that the failed Bouvet DXpedition teams will be making another attempt. Don has not yet received any request for funding from them.

DX Tidbits Presentation: K2VV gave a presentation covering the following subjects:

o Magellan 500 Award
o Da Vinci 500 Award
o Some stats about LoTW, eQSL, HamLogs and HrdLog electronic QSL’ing
o OR18 Award- honoring the 18th birthday of the Crown Princess Elisabeth
o History of Belgium and its Monarchy
o History of Swan Island (deleted DXCC - KS4, HR6, HQ8), as opposed to Swain’s Island with planned W8S DXpedition.
John also announced that SV2RSG/A is now active from Mount Athos, and John was able to work him on 20M CW.

Announcements: Tom - KØHHB announced that N9BSO has a Palstar High Power Antenna Tuner for sale.
Kyle - AAØZ spoke in detail about the many activities planned for Winterfest 2020. And tickets for all activities are available at:

Old Business:

Christmas Party - Don - WØVM reminded the membership that the Christmas Party will be held on 12 December at CJ Mugs Bar Webster Groves location (ref:, in conjunction with the St. Louis Amateur Radio Club (SLARC). Don has sent an E-mail to members of both clubs, and is receiving good response from members who plan on attending.

New Business: Election of Officers.

Udo announced that Eric - WØTT wishes to step aside as Secretary, and Bill - WAØBSW wishes to be replaced as Treasurer, but he will remain in office until summer of 2020 after dues are collected. Udo stressed the need for other members to come forward and accept nomination for these positions to keep the club going. John - K2VV agreed to accept the nomination for Secretary, and Carlos - N5TN accepted the nomination for Treasurer.

Elections were held and the following officers were elected for 2020:

President: Udo - NIØG
Vice President: Chuck - NIØC
Secretary: John - K2VV
Treasurer: Carlos - N5TN (LU6ACU)

NEXT MEETING: Christmas Dinner - 12 December at CJ Mugs Bar in Webster Groves.
Chuck - NIØC gave a presentation on "Evolution of Amateur Radio CW keys (with an emphasis on Bugs) “. He described his own experience with straight keys, bugs and keyers, and demonstrated two bugs and one code practice oscillator from his current collection. He also traced the history of automatic keying in land and radio telegraphy starting with Horace Greeley Martin 1873-1939, and Theodore Roosevelt McElroy 1901-1963, and progressing to present day electronic keying.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted; Eric Zust ‑ WØTT, Club Secretary