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MVDX/CC Meeting Minutes

Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minutes

The May 2018 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order by President Udo  ‑   NIØG at 7:00 pm.

The following members and guests were present: ABØRX, ADØTR, KØARY, KØJPL, KØKL, K2VV, KDØBXU, KDØPMW, KEØFIL, NØAX, NØSO, N9ES, NIØC, NIØG, NOØL, WØNBC, WØNFS, WØTT, WØZH, and WBØSND. It was announced that new member Bill, ex-WN8OUV has now received his General class license, and the callsign KEØRGV. The club congratulates Bill.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer WAØBSW was absent while recovering from surgery. Udo reported a balance of $2,449.31 in the club treasury.

Secretary’s Report: Eric  ‑   WØTT announced that the minutes of the April meeting are now posted under “Correspondence” on the club website. And that the website now includes the photos of MO QSO Awards that were presented at the last club meeting.

Vice President’s Report: Chuck  ‑   NIØC announced the following schedule for future club meeting presentations:

o June: TBD (most likely DXpedition video)
o July: KK9N  ‑   presentation on his DXpedition to PJ7, St. Maarten.
o August: NIØC - presentation on his QRP Operation in KH6.
o September: KK9N - presentation on N1MM Logger Plus.

Eric - WØTT announced that his article on the 2017 CQ-WW-DX operation at PJ2T was published in the ARRL Midwest Division newsletter today. And he is willing to document this into a presentation to be given at a later club meeting. Eric also announced that their PJ2T team finished First Place - World, in the Multi Transmitter, Multi operator Class, and he circulated the certificate.

QSL Bureau Report: WØ Bureau manager John - K2VV reported that it has been a relatively slow month for incoming QSL’s. And he mentioned that he received several E7 QSL cards thru the Canadian Bureau.

Health and Welfare: Tom - KØHHB announced that Carl - WAØBZA suffered an accident resulting in torn knee ligaments and broken hand, and is now recovering. Bill - WAØBSW reported via E-mail that he continues to recover from knee replacement surgery, and has developed a raspy cough during his recovery in the hospital. Eric - WØTT reported that he fell while loading his tractor on a trailer, and bruised his back.

Birthday Report: Tom - KØHHB announced the following club members with May birthdays: WØFK - May 5, WAØBZA - May 7, KCØWGZ - May 15, KK9N - May 19. Tom also announced that he has received the birthday cards that the club sends, along with some complimentary congratulations cards.

DXpedition Support: Committee Chair, Don - WØVM was not present. Bruce - KØARY reported that there are no DXpeditions currently under consideration for club funding.

DX Presentation: John - K2VV gave a DX Presentation covering several special event operations:

o the FOC 80th Anniversary Challenge
o the OT7Ø stations celebration the Royal Belgian Amateur Radio Union (UBA) 70th anniversary,
o DK2ØØMARX, DM2ØØMARX celebrating 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx
o E7Ø9JAN, association Radio amateurs of the Republic of Srpska
o 4X7Ø stations - Israel 70 Award
o C96RCC & C98RCC, Mozambique Island, with historical perspective

Old Business:

2017 Missouri QSO Party: Mike - NØSO, the President of the BEARS presented a Plaque and Certificates to winners of the 2017 Missouri QSO Party:

NØO (NØAX, KDØPES) First Place Missouri Mobile Multi-Op (LP)

Ward – NØAX announced that he and XYL, Ellen – KDØPES have now activated all 115 Missouri Counties in their Mobile MO QP operations over the last six years. Congratulations to Ward and Ellen for this accomplishment!

New Business:

George - KDØPMW asked if anyone had loaded the latest version of Win 10 and had problems with sound card interfaces. Mike - NØSO responded that he had similar issues and resolved them by uninstalling previous versions first.

John - K2VV announced that he has been asked to chair the ARRL DXCC Advisory Committee (DXAC), so he will now be able to take club members’ issues directly to the committee.

NØAX announced that he participated in a lunchtime videoconference with K1JT on the origin of FT-8. ABØRX mentioned that some participants in the MO QSO Party had wanted to use FT-8, but the message formats were incompatible with the MO QP exchange requirements. Ward responded that variable message formats are being addressed by the FT‑ 8 architects, and a solution should be available by next year’s QSO Party.

NEXT MEETING: 14 June 2018

John - K2VV gave a presentation on the manufacture, specifications and testing of Magnet Wire.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Zust ‑ WØTT, Club Secretary