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MVDX/CC Meeting Minutes

Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minutes – October, 2015

The October 2015 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order by President John Yodis, K2VV at 7:02 PM.
Visitors: There was 1 guest at this meeting – Steve – KDØTQD.
Attendees: John asked that members introduce themselves with their name and call. There were 30 member HOGS and guests present at the meeting.   In attendance were K2VV, WØNFS, KDØBMW, NIØG,   WAØBSW, KØARY, KØBX, KØHHB, KØJFI, KØJPL, KØKL, KBØTQD, KCØSTQ, KDØPMW, KEØAMY, NØHIO, NIØC, NOØL, NVØR, WØHMS, WØLPF, WØORH, WØRJS, WØTT, WØVM, WØXEU,   WAØBZA, WAØJCO, WBØSND, and WOØC.

Business Meeting:
Treasurer’s Report: Club Treasurer, Bill, WAØBSW reported that the club balance is $881.71 with $36 in 50/50 funds revenue coming into this meeting.

Secretary’s Report: Rick, WØNFS reported we had 30 HOGS and guests at the September meeting. There was 1 motion passed – approving $500 for the Willis Island DXpedition.

QSL Bureau Report: The zero QSL bureau received only 9,915 cards in the past month.   All cards have been distributed to sorters.   There is still no word on the W1AW/x cards.  

Health and Welfare:   Nobody had any health and welfare items to report.

Birthday Report: Tom-KØHHB gave the report on members with October birthdays:   Gordon-WBØTKL 1st, Kevin-KDØCIU 4th, Mike-WBØLDJ 6th, Bill-WAØJCO 7th, Larry-WØLPF 8th, Mike-KØMAK 16th, and Bill WØHBH 19th.

Announcements/ Old Business:
Acting Secretary:     Rick-WØNFS has resigned as secretary due to a conflict with a teaching assignment over the next couple of months and with the upcoming election before he returns.   Marty-KDØBMW was introduced as the acting secretary until the December elections.

Request for speakers:     Udo-NIØG is looking for speakers for the October meeting and beyond.   Please call or e-mail Udo if you are willing to do a presentation at a club meeting.

December meeting:   John-K2VV asked the group if we should continue to have a separate December meeting in addition to the Christmas party or if they should be combined.   The consensus was that we should have a separate meeting.

DX tidbits:   John-K2VV covered DX tidbits’ as he normally does.   He provided some background on Kosovo and mentioned some of the current and upcoming DXpeditions.

DX/ Contesting Report: Don-WØVM mentioned that he has received no new requests for DXpedition funding for consideration.

New Business:
December elections:   It was mentioned the annual election of officers will occur in December.   We are looking for members to step forward to fill these positions.   Please let John or any of the officers know if you are interesting in being a club officer next year.

ARRL DX Advisory Committee: In addition to his other responsibilities, John-K2VV has accepted an appointment to the ARRL DX Advisory Committee.   John indicated that the committee is truly an advisory committee with ‘no real power’.   The committee provides input on matters concern DX including changes to the DXCC list.
Discussion: Joe-KØBX gave an update on his rotor issues.

Halloween Hamfest:   There was a discussion on whether or not the club should purchase 1 or 2 tables at the Halloween Hamfest.
MOTION:   Joe- KØBX moved and Ken-KDØPJC seconded a motion that the club purchases 2 tables at the Halloween Hamfest.   MOTION PASSED.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 12 in a conference room 6 on the second floor at 7:00PM. The doors open at 6:30. The Institute for Health is part of the St Luke’s Hospital complex.   (As always, if a larger conference room is available, we will move to the larger room).

Presentation: UDO- NIØG gave an excellent presentation on building power supplies.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Rick Barron
Secretary, MVDX/CC