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MVDX/CC Meeting Minutes

Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDX/CC)
Meeting Minute

The September 2019 MVDX/CC meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice-President,
Chuck - NIØC. K9EID was identified as a guest. The following members were present: AAØFT, ABØTA, AEØTT, KØARY, KØHHB, K2VV, K9WNZ, KBØVE, KDØPMW, KEØFIL, NØWGC, N9ES, NIØC, NOØL, WØHMS, WØJPL, WØNBC, WØNFS, WØTT, WØVM, W9MO, WAØBSW, WAØBZA and WBØSND.

Secretary’s Report: Secretary Eric - WØTT reported that the minutes of the previous meeting are published on-line.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Bill - WAØBSW reported a balance of $2800 in the club treasury.

Vice-President’s Report: Vice-President Chuck - announced this list of future presentations:

Tonight: Dr. Bob Heil - K9EID, Understanding Speech Articulation
October: Bill - NØWGC, Use of SDR radios for waterfall displays on existing radios.

Unscheduled: Chuck - NIØC, Ted McElroy and Horace Martin semi-automatic keys (bugs)
Unscheduled: John - K2VV, QSL’ing in the 21st century
Health and Welfare: Eric announced that he is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery of his rotator cuff the following week, and there is likely to be a long recovery period.

Birthday Report: Tom - KØHHB announced the September birthdays. The club wishes a Happy Birthday to all.

QSL Bureau Report: John - K2VV announced receipt of 3600 cards this month, including cards from HL. He also received 1100 cards from the ARRL HQ which re-distributes DX cards that were received unsorted by US call district. Those cards were from 4X, YO, S5, UR, VE (most from VE3AT with special calls) and LA. Also received a large shipment from CE.

DXpedition Support: Don - WØVM reported that he received two requests for DXpedition support.

A group of Czech operators is activating San Andres, 5KØK in October 2019 ( The committee reviewed this request and recommends that the club not fund it, since HKØ/S is not high on the most-needed list, and does not meet our normal criteria for funding. There were no motions brought forward in this regard.

A group of International operators will activate VP8/VP8DXU, South Orkney in October 2020. ( The committee researched this request, and found that it meets all of our criteria for funding, and has not been activated recently. The committee recommends that the club fund this DXpedition with a contribution of $500. A motion was made, seconded and carried.

DX Tidbits Presentation: K2VV gave a presentation on the following subjects:

The Baltic way 30 award (ES3ØWAY, LY3ØWAT and YL3ØWAY) honoring the 30th Anniversary of a peaceful protest against the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

September 2019 activation of K7TRI from Tillammook Rock - IOTA NA-211, which is a sea stack of basalt, more than a mile off of Oregon’s North Coast.

A long discussion of history of Greenland and various proposals for changes in its sovereignty. It included the history of US Military bases in Greenland, where hams used special US-issued callsigns.

Announcements: Harry - WØHMS announced that he has tickets for Halloween Hamfest on October 26 ( Tickets in Advance are $4 each, or 3 for $10. ($7 at door).

Eric - WØTT announced that Dirk (WØRI) has offered his father Price’s tower, rotor/controller and 47 ft beam antenna, free for anyone who will remove them from the home in Ballwin. (contact Dirk at This will be included in the Want Ads section of the club website. Dale - KBØVE mentioned that this same message has been communicated thru the local repeaters.

Old Business:

Christmas Party - Don - WØVM announced that the plans for the Christmas Party to be held on 12 December at CJ Mugs Bar & Grill (Webster location) are going forward as previously discussed. The management is conducive to serving off the menu and giving each person or couple a separate check.

Don is also member of the St. Louis ARC (SLARC), and they are planning a similar function in December. So the notion arose of combining the two clubs into a larger Christmas Party. Don pointed out that our 2 clubs have several members in common, and that SLARC follows the same format of inviting spouses to their Christmas party. This was discussed, and was laid upon the table for additional discussion and decision at the next club meeting.

New Business: none offered

NEXT MEETING: October 16, 2019 - Rooms 1 & 2 (please note - schedule change to third Wednesday due to room reservation conflicts).

Dr. Bob Heil - K9EID gave a presentation on “Understanding Speech Articulation”, including an introductory video by Joe Walsh - WB6ACU, (guitarist for the Eagles). Bob demonstrated the issues in his presentation with audio lab equipment, and illustrated many of his Heil Sound ( products .

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted; Eric Zust, WØTT, Club Secretary